• Tips for selecting the perfect banquet hall

    Posted on: 04 May, 2022 in: Blog

    The theme of every event is dictated by the choice of location. Banquet halls have always been the desired choice for event planning and have been in trend since the last century. Finding the perfect Banquet hall of your dreams is the most challenging task as every event is unique and has specific needs. 

    There are several factors that you have to keep in mind while searching for the banquet hall of your dreams.

     In this article we will guide you with some of the most important things for selecting the right hall:


    • Type of Event 

    The event type plays a major role when you are selecting a banquet hall. Some Banquet halls are better suited for weddings and similar ceremonies while others are structured around corporate meetings

    • Setting a Budget 

    While planning any event the most important factor is the budget. Without a budget plan, you cannot possibly decide what banquet halls fall within your capacity to afford. Therefore, decide on the budget beforehand.

    • Capacity

    Another very significant factor that you have to keep in mind while selecting a Banquet hall is its capacity to accommodate guests. There are many Banquet halls that are suitable for a large crowd while there are others that are more suited for a small gathering. Wrong selection of Banquet hall without prior understanding of the number of guests can lead to unnecessary chaos and mismanagement. The cost of bigger Banquet halls is mostly more than the smaller ones.

    • Check the hall thoroughly 


    You should never book a Banquet hall at first glance. When it comes to choosing your Banquet hall you should remember that it is one of the most important factors affecting the event. Thanks to the internet, researching Banquet halls, listing the best ones, and which ones are best suited for you is just a few clicks away. It also provides a scope to surf through reviews and ratings of previous guests. Nevertheless, there is always the good old way of asking people around. 

    To assess a Banquet hall, your checklist must also include the following :

    • Quality and availability of Catering services 
    • Discounts and complimentary services, if any
    • Safety protocols and measures in case of emergencies
    • Availability of backup to aid unforeseen situations, i.e., extra people, food, etc. 


       Ultimately, Remember to Book in Advance 


    Planning is very important in the success of any event. Hence, for perfectly planning out an event, be it a wedding or a corporate event, it is very important to finalize and book the banquet hall beforehand. This is because, if your chosen venue gets booked out, you will have to start the planning from scratch as all other aspects of an event are inevitably linked with the venue. In the case of events like weddings, this occurs often that banquet halls slip out of hand just by a little delay due to peak seasons. Hence, if and when you finally decide upon a banquet hall that has all the requirements in your checklist ticked, do not waste time. Go book the banquet hall of your dreams and if you are lucky, booking early might also fetch you some discount or complimentary gifts. 


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