• Tips to handle the new COVID-marraige events

    Posted on: 03 June, 2021 in: Blog

    There is at least one person just like you who is researching evidently about wedding ideas during covid. Be assured there are a handful of people who are clueless to conduct a wedding. It is sad on one hand to conduct such priceless events during a pandemic, but we should always look at the positive side. A wedding is something you have been planning for years. It is not fair on your part to give up on all the dreams and promises you and your partner have dreamt and thought of in the past few months or years.

    What you can do for the society is- do your bit in maintaining covid protocol-

    1. You can hire a banquet hall. This very decision will ensure the safety of you, your family, as well as your guests. The wedding planners will ensure all the protocols are strictly followed as well as provide you a platform to enjoy the most precious day in your life.
    2. It is totally okay to grieve the original wedding plans you had. You might be skeptical about postponing or cancelling your wedding. Hours of deciding the venue, list of invitees, emails sent to your friends, colleagues, relatives, multiple decisions on what to wear, which flower to use, etc. It is natural to feel frustrated and disappointed for not being able to control the situation.
    3. Well, before you plan on your new wedding date, make sure to look the checklist-
    4. Guest list- Trimming the list would be a most important task. Rationalise the guest list, who are far away, also keep in mind they might be having a completely different time and comfort zone.
    5. Vendors- You have to keep in mind, there are a lot of other couples who are going through the exact same thing as you now. Contact your vendors and update them about your changes in date or venue. In case you are contacting a banquet hall, all these would be taking care of all these arrangements.
    6. The change in them, menu changes has to be updated to the vendor or your wedding planner.
    7. Discuss alternative dates with your wedding planner. In the times of pandemic, nothing is certain. Keeping a backup availability of dates is surely a good option. You will also need to note the possible extra deposits or fees you need to pay for the changes in dates.
    8. The agreement with your wedding planner would have indemnity clauses; the clause that covers events of postponement or cancellation due to government regulations or ban on social gatherings. The wedding planner or the banquet hall you choose will have a wider network to help you choose your alternate date when needed.
    9. Review your legal marriage procedures. Providing a notice won’t be of help at times. It might occur by the time your wedding date approaches, the notice might have already expired. Local councilors along with your wedding planner will navigate the middle way to meet the new deadlines.
    10. The wedding changes will not only bring changes in guest lists, date of wedding, menu but also you might have to choose the flowers, decorative sets as well.


    Know while you get ready for your wedding, your wedding planner and the team will have the health and safety of their clients in mind. Keep sanitizers handy. Plated meals with few options can be a good choice keeping in mind the COVID scenario. It is advisable to call a minimal number of attendees. You can always throw an after party when the pandemic is lifted. Keeping in mind, the D-day is one of the important moments in your life, you also have to keep in mind that health is one of the priorities as well.

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