• Tips to Organize the Bride’s Bachelorette Party

    Posted on: 07 March, 2020 in: Blog

    “Why should boys have all the fun?” Don’t you agree with this phrase? Bride’s bachelorette has become trendy and a must-have. Bachelorette parties are organized to create mischievous and amusing memories for the bride before her wedding. Every bride cherishes such parties because it usually involves her friends and close cousins.

    However, organizing and pulling off an event can come with some real work but not to worry since we have listed some of the amazing ideas below to help you plan the best bash ever.

    1) Decide a Budget-

    First things first! Decide a budget before you hire caterers, decorators and book a venue. A checklist always helps you stay in the limit and get the things done in chronological order.

    There is no fun in chartering people only to know that you are left with no money for the other things. Besides creating a budget list, keep some extra money aside in case of emergency.


    2) Personalized the Event-

    You are organizing this party for the bride, so make sure what she wants. Ask questions regarding her choice-dreamy daylight or charming evening, club or a classy venue, props, entertainment and decorations. Concentrate on her preferences, even if they clash with your choice or expectations.

    Don’t forget to ask about food, drinks and games to make sure it is tailored to who she is and what she prefers.


    3) Add Some Fun-

    A bachelorette means fun and fun! Hire dancers and entertainers to intensify the energy and to uplift the mood. Call a musical band or a DJ for some lit music to show those sexy dance moves.

    Choreograph a surprise dance for the bride to make her feel special or you can introduce games for adults that would be really entertaining and attract the crowd to participate in them.


    4) Select a Venue-

    Before you make all the fun arrangements and personalize the plans, book a venue. Make sure the venue is in your budget and approachable. Before you select a venue, we would suggest you ask them questions that would help you limit your choices. Here are some questions-


    1) Is it available on the desired date?

    2) What are the charges?

    3) Is catering included?

    4) What services will you provide?

    5) How many people can be accommodated?


    All these questions will make it easy for you to compare and make a choice.


    5) Arrange a Cake-

    No party is complete without a cake. Celebrate the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new era by cutting a cake that has all her favourite flavours. Make it her personal theme and make sure it’s delicious.

    You may also raise a toast with a speech that will definitely make her go emotional.


    6) Food and Drinks-

    Besides adding all the fun, don’t forget to focus on starters and drinks. Hire a bartender to fill all the girls with sparkling drinks and rent caterers for food services to replenish the energy for fun.

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