• Tips to Select a Caterer for your Event

    Posted on: 10 March, 2019 in: Blog

    You can host several events such as a wedding or a business seminar, a fundraiser or an expo but catering staff is very important to make your event a successful one. You always want your event to be perfect and would want a catering service that provides you the best service for your investment. However, finding caterers is not easy especially when you are not an event planner. You might be confused with where to start and how to compare to see which catering service is better than the other? You have limited experience and budget but do not worry as these tips will help you find the best caterer for your next main event.


    The first step to finding the best caterers is to narrow your list down. The limited the option, the closer you will get to find a good catering service. Look for reference from your family members and friends. Furthermore, look up online and check their reviews and ratings from various people who have availed their services. You will notice that by asking for recommendations and references can be a great way to locate professionals in the catering industry. This will not only save you time but will also save you from any later grief.


    This is another important point while looking for a catering service. Once you have shortlisted the caterers, make sure to book an appointment to visit their kitchen. It is wise to check for cleanliness and gauge the professionalism of the staff. A dirty kitchen is a straight red flag. Clean kitchen and attentive staff will let you carry with your event smoothly.


    Menu needs to be decided carefully, consider looking at the caterer’s special menu and review their specialties. Different caterers are suitable for different events. Choose the one that fits your event. Some specialize in traditional Italian while some deliver beautiful Japanese inspired buffet. Right expertise comes from the number of years they have operated. So reflect on their experience. Check the menu ideas with the caterer and discuss the menu. Further, if any of your guests have any dietary restriction, discuss the same with your caterers and let them know everything beforehand. Furthermore, make it a point to taste everything beforehand. Schedule a tasting so you can sample the menu and approve the various dishes that will be served at your event.


    Before you book any catering service for your event, check if the service is equipped with the staff required to fully service your event. The amount of staff needed depends on the type of event. If you are unsure of the number of guests then use the following cheat sheet as a guide.

    Buffet – You will require two servers for every thirty guests and you will also need additional runners to clear dishes and restock chafing stations.

    Sit Down Dinners – This dinner requires more staff than a buffet, you will need one server for every guest table and additional staff to serve drinks.

    Bar Staff – There are always two bartenders to handle a group of thirty guests. Additionally, you will need one bar back.


    Don’t run after cheap rates. Always hire someone who has a lot of experience and are good in this business. There are a lot of companies who dupe people with cheap rates but only put your confidence in those who have a good track record and go through a proper process and quality. Be clear about your budget, and make sure that the quote you receive fully covers the caterer’s full service including set up, break down, and all staffing considerations.

    Finding a good catering service is not a big deal but you must follow your gut and approach the whole finding process with a clear head and a plan. Choose a good catering service as they will representing you at the event.

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