• Top 5 Event Planning Tips for Organizers and Hosts

    Posted on: 02 July, 2020 in: Blog

    Organizing an event can be highly exhausting and challenging, even for the most pros out there. With countless things on mind, such as preparing the appropriate guest list, picking out a savory menu, and presenting proper etiquettes; there are more efforts needed to execute things without a hitch.

    When it comes to event planning, there are never enough hours in the day. Even if you have the perfect team, a great agenda, and a surety (by the ticket sales) that lots of guests would show up; a strange sense of uncertainty lingers around and gets quickly converted into anxiety. However, the only way out is to take a deep breath and be mindful of the following tips –

    1. Be Clear With Your Goals

    Because there are too many aspects of event planning, you can always expect something or the other to go wrong. But, that shouldn’t deter you from being fully-efficient. You need to have crystal clarity on the motive of hosting this event and the rest of the success can follow.

    Once you set the goals, you can then organize your time and systemize your workspace to bring the most productive ideas on the table.

    1. Devise a Realistic Budget

    Well, who doesn’t want to throw a lavish party and pick the most extravagant things to wow the audience? But, trying to achieve that on the cost of your budget or underestimating your expenses altogether, is of course not the right move.

    You need to be calculative of your ROI and stick to operational and marketing activities that can generate good outcomes. Plus, you always need to have a contingency plan to tackle the unexpected.

    1. Find a Reliable Venue

    We have seen people, from wedding hosts to corporate event organizers, stress over a venue each time they invite a few guests. It is because they want distinctiveness in the ambience and unusualness in the experience with the assurance of safety.

    So, to avoid the mess, you must spend some time to research for a renowned banquet hall in your city that can provide seating, catering, lighting, Wi-Fi and take the burden off your to-do list.

    1. Use the Power of Social Media

    This is especially crucial if you are an event management company and hosting a large-scale event for an established organization. You need to inspire people to be part and mark their valuable presence at the event venue. And you can do that affordably and conveniently with the help of social media platforms.

    You get to create some buzz about your in-progress event and make people use your event hashtag even after it is over. Also, you generate great visual material for marketing your events in the future.

    1. Avoid End Moment Changes

    An event host is required to be flexible enough to adapt to minor changes required during the event planning. But because hosts don’t operate solely and do need stakeholders, sponsors, consultants, and talent along their journey; any major cut-off points can backfire and spoil the event.

    Therefore, you must make it clear to your vendors, speakers, and performers beforehand the repercussions if they cancel. Although, that may not eliminate the chances but will certainly, discourage last-minute changes.

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