• Top Four Critical Mistakes to Avoid in Your Event Planning

    Posted on: 27 October, 2020 in: Blog

    An event is always remembered by the experience it creates for the audience. Any single mistake can have serious consequences, and the negative perception in the minds of the attendees can have your business finished off in no time. Of course, you can try again and make up for the blunders you committed, but generally, that would take time and call for a lot of monetary and physical effort to go back to that level.

    Minor slip-ups are all fine; most of the times, your guests, attendees, or business clients may not even notice them. But, you cannot know when these small issues quickly turn into big troubles so you better brace yourself and address them on time. Pay close attention to every little detail to generate a positive feeling for your guests. Also, beware of these silly mistakes and mitigate any risks you cannot foresee –

    1. Not Allocating the Resources Right

    For any event to be successful, you must have the right resources and people in your hand. If that fails to happen, you are surely up for a major disaster. An event is made memorable with the right kind of planning and that planning is done with a qualified team of people and skills at your disposal. An insufficiency of talent at your side can quickly sink your business.

    Advice: Do a thorough assessment of your staffs’ skills and workloads. Peek into their capabilities and decide their roles accordingly for your corporate event management.

    1. Not Accounting for Suitable Space

    You all must have encountered those events at least once in your life where the guests are more than the handling capacity of the host. Whether it is a marathon, wedding, or birthday party, there are instances when the actual number of guests outnumbers what was registered with the event venue before.

    Advice: A valuable lesson here is always to know the capacity of your venue and never invite people over and above that.

    1. Not Budgeting for Unexpected

    Life is uncertain, and anything can go wrong at any time. Unfortunately, some amateur event organizers seem to forget that entirely and use cash-in-hand extravagantly. They ignore doing a sensible breakdown of the costs which needs to be done based on the estimates that other vendors send.

    Advice:  Always hold yourself back from spending all the money at once. Keep a buffer of 10-15% of your budget to handle any contingency.

    1. Not Being Tech-Friendly

    One of the biggest mistakes people make during event organizing is relying on outdated technology or not using any at all. They don’t understand that something as basic as technological aspects can make or break the flow of your event and overall experience for your attendees.

    Advice: Have your technology team inspect the ground and ensure that TV screens, projectors, microphones, adapters, and any other technology-related items are compatible with each other and working fine.


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