• Top Reasons To Hire A Professional DJ For Your Wedding Banquet

    Posted on: 06 August, 2018 in: Blog

    Weddings often mean big expenses, that is why soon-to-be-married couples make it a point that they find ways to save money on their wedding day. Hiring a DJ for the wedding banquet will certainly be out of the checklist for some. For them, a friend can just take charge of the playlists. After all, guests come to enjoy the food served in the wedding banquet. However, let’s rethink this. There are a lot of reasons to hire a professional DJ to take charge of the entertainment on your wedding day instead of getting Cousin Courtney to run the music station.

    He takes charge of the party

    Most people think that a DJ’s job is to simply play songs and that he will only do the same thing during your wedding day. Well, he can be your host too, announcing toasts and taking charge of all other essential parts of the wedding reception. Hiring one will be better than just entrusting the rest of the day to a quirky and drunk friend.

    He is knowledgeable about music

    Let’s say that you picked up a friend to play songs inside your wedding hall. Are you sure he has chosen the right songs to include in the playlist? A professional DJ is far better than your friends when it comes to choosing the songs that go with the theme and of course the music that is acceptable to your guests considering that there are various age groups inside that room. He has undergone training to curate playlists and make sure that the songs are going to be crowd pleasers.

    He makes use of the right equipment 

    The right songs have to be paired with the right set of equipment. A professional DJ uses his own mixers without creating any static in the background regardless of the type of music played, whether fast or slow. He can bring his own sets of equipment with him and all you need to do is ask how much you need to pay for these extras. Leave everything to him and you will be impressed!

    He helps you enjoy the celebration

    Your wedding day is a big day and the last thing you want is to feel stressed out during the occasion. When you hire a DJ, you already lessen your load of having to pick another person to do the hosting job and another to mix and curate music during the party. You can simply sit back and relax and enjoy with the rest of your guests during the occasion.

    He is reliable

    A professional DJ is reliable at all times because he makes sure he follows what is stated in the contract. The contract will specify everything from the details of your event to the time by which the party is expected to start. The DJ will come on time because he is bound by the contract to do so. The contract will ensure that you are on the same page. He also makes sure that there are backup plans ready in case of any emergencies on your wedding day.

    It is very easy to distinguish a playlist curated by a DJ from that played by your friend. In fact, if you choose a friend or someone close to you to do this job, there is a tendency you will hear songs that are actually his favorites and not yours. The professional has a wide array of song categories in his playlist, from older classics to danceable hits.

    Remember that a great DJ is not enough to make the event memorable. You also need to look for excellent wedding banquet halls in Toronto to decide on the perfect venue for your hired DJ to work up his magic!

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