• Transform Your Event Venue Using These Décor Ideas!

    Posted on: 31 July, 2017 in: Blog

    Have you ever attended an event that left you wondering how the event planner pulled it off spectacularly? From the moment you arrived at your venue, it seems as though every décor piece in the space had been accounted for and the design elements seem to flow in harmony. Most planners spend huge amounts of money to create visually appealing designs. Is it possible to achieve the same on a meager budget? The following tips will help you transform an event venue effectively without spending a lot of money.

    Create a layout

    After you have scouted a potential venue and secured it, arrange a trip to the venue with the sole purpose of brainstorming how best it can be used. Using conventional layouts can sometimes be boring. With a little creativity, you can improve the design make up for your event.

    Little details like arranging tables into a unique shape or using the stage in a way that can pull your audience’s attention are bound to give your even that extra it factor. You can also provide a number of spaces likes high tops and traditional tables with casual seating like couches. This gives the guests options and offers many different places to enjoy the event and have a conversation.

    Experiment with colors

    Color is a pivotal part of designing an event. Most planners use flowers to fuse color into the design element. However buying flowers in bulk is expensive. To incorporate color into your event, use items that are useful to the event like chairs, plates, lines and other things to infuse color into your event.

    You can also use lights to add color to your décor. Spotlights, general room lighting and up-lightings are things that you can use to add color to transform or enhance your venue.

    Be creative with the food display

    Use your food display area to create another point of conversations and interest for your guests. Food can be used as a work of art depending on how to arrange it. You can think of an interesting display at the service line or create and a unique and elaborate centerpiece for each table. Food is an interesting design element that you have already budgeted for. Liaise with the caterer to help you come up with a unique and interesting display.

    Use the beauty of nature

    Natural vegetation done well while designing a venue beings beauty to the event. One of the major challenges with incorporating natural elements like flowers is that they are expensive. Flowers like orchids, roses or hydrangeas will dig a hole in your small budget.   If you have a tight budget you could use flowers that cost less or seasonal flowers that come at a discount.

    Use other elements like wildflowers or branches to spruce up your event. These items will cost you less money as also give a rustic natural feel to the space you are designing. If the event that you are planning is a wedding, you may want to consider the popular option of having it outdoors in a garden, park, forest or even beach. The beauty of using such spaces is that you will not have to spend on flowers.

    When scouting for wedding reception venues in Toronto, make sure you note down what the overall vision of the wedding is and use that to aid you in designing the venue that you choose. If your client wants a disco themed wedding, look at what elements are needed to help achieve that. This will help you determine whether you want to have the venue in a farmhouse or a ballroom. As you design the space, pay attention to small details because little adjustments can equally make or break a venue’s outlook.

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