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    Posted on: 24 June, 2017 in: Blog

    Every bride wants to have a wedding of her dreams. You and your spouse-to-be will carefully plan everything to make the dream a reality. Part of the planning stage is coming up with the perfect wedding theme. If you want to have a sophisticated and a fresh idea for the occasion, why not get inspiration from the following trending wedding themes for 2017?

    Earth-friendly wedding theme

    Anyone who loves nature will find this wedding theme a dream come true! You can fuse in Mother Nature’s elements with sophisticated wedding decorations without breaking the bank. The good thing about this theme is you do not have to focus on having it in an open area. Yes, it can fit any space. The concept has been trending for some time now yet it has never gone out of style. Putting in different shades of green will definitely highlight this wedding theme.

    Barn wedding theme

    If you want a more rustic wedding theme, you can choose to have a wedding in a barn. It does not really matter whether you go for an older barn whose roots can be traced down from its very rich history or if you want a newly-built one that can give you a nostalgic feel of the occasion. You can never go wrong with this theme simply because it is filled with romance, elegance and charm.

    Vintage wedding theme

    When you hear the word ‘vintage’, the word ‘old’ undeniably comes to mind. Well, the truth is that vintage is not just about the old. It also speaks of transforming an element into a new one. In short, there can be a marriage of an old concept with a new element. You can go for antique displays yet choose the more elegant seats and tasty dessert treats to make it even more interesting to your guests.

    Watercolour wedding theme

    If you want a unique wedding theme, then going for this concept will definitely bestow an extraordinary elegance to the occasion. Watercolour weddings can include anything from watercolour invitations to watercolour menus and escort cards. It is as simple as using watercolours to highlight small pieces for your celebration.

    Boho wedding theme

    If there is one word that best describes the boho theme then that will be the word ‘eclectic’. It is more of a mix and match of wedding elements which will definitely be an advantage because you do not have to think too hard of which element pairs best with another. You will be surprised of how everything will come out so perfect without any symmetry or balance on your decorations!

    Forest wedding theme

    The possibilities are certainly endless with this kind of wedding backdrop. The secret to pulling this theme off is to make sure that you work well with landscapes. Fusing in different colours that best define a forest will make the theme a huge success. Add to that, you can make the celebration romantic just by lighting candles on every table.

    Fairy tale wedding theme

    This is yet another wedding theme that trends every year no matter how old the concept is. The reason why many brides favour this theme is because it speaks of romance and grandeur – words that definitely gives definition to this occasion. You can be your own princess with this wedding concept. Plus, you can be sure that everyone will see the princess in you when you choose this theme for your wedding day.

    Some wedding themes are new while others can be reinventing the old. The uniqueness of your own wedding concept will depend upon how you pay attention to the different elements during the big day. As long as you perform excellent planning, no matter which wedding banquet halls in Toronto you choose, you can always make your selected wedding theme work perfectly for your special day!

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