• Unique And Cool Ideas To Celebrate Your 18th Birthday

    Posted on: 26 May, 2017 in: Blog

    It is every girl’s dream to have an 18th birthday celebration. Many girls believe that this occasion welcomes them to what is called womanhood. But planning for one can be very tough especially on your part as parents. You want everything to be memorable and as much as possible, your girls will want it to be very unique and cool. Here are some extraordinarily cool ideas to celebrate this momentous occasion.

    Hosting a surprise party

    This may sound so overdone but a surprise party will always be a surprise party no matter how many times the concept has been used in the past. You may think that the idea is no longer unique but it is. Remember, you can always focus on a certain theme that will ultimately make the entire idea work as you surprise your teen. It will also be good to tell your child’s friends to keep everything a surprise especially if you are asking help from them to organise the event. Additionally, it will be cool if you consider the favourites of the birthday celebrant.

    Treasure hunting

    This is not just the typical treasure hunting that will require your guests to look for treasures that you have hidden in special places. It can be anything that they can capture, perhaps, things that are most popular in your place. The aim is to look for edgy items which guests can bring home as souvenirs from the event. What your guests can hunt will depend on your theme or whatever it is that your teenager wants.

    Watch a movie

    Take things a notch higher by gathering your child’s friends – not at the living room or entertainment room but by the poolside or by the beach if you want. Yes, make this an outdoor activity that everyone will truly love. The good thing about this type of 18th birthday idea is you can also choose to serve goodies that are commonly bought from cinemas. You can even let your guests guess which amongst the films the celebrant’s favourite is.

    Bring out those bouncy houses

    Your girl will definitely want to bring out some childhood memories during her 18th birthday. Instead of going for the castle-like structure that is often too hard to build yourselves, why not use bouncy houses where the young-at-heart can play and be merry. You can always create obstacle courses or choose to have your own spin on games that make them reminisce their childhood. Make sure the games you conceptualise will match what the celebrant and her guests will love.

    Character-inspired party

    An 18th birthday may not just be about Disney Princesses. It may also be about other characters that are within the same age bracket as your child is right now. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings can be great themes for this momentous event. Hunger Games will definitely make the entire party more interesting too. Always ask your girl what character will make the occasion a really memorable one not just for her but also for her friends.

    An out-of-town escapade using a limo

    When you have enough budget to celebrate this occasion, a limo adventure will definitely be a good option. All you have to do is gather your child’s closest friends and altogether, they can take the ride of their lives and explore town whilst taking pictures of the occasion.

    There are certainly a list of unique and cool ways to host your child’s 18th birthday. The uniqueness of the event will all depend upon the concepts and favourites of the celebrant – something that she knows will make her happy during this very important stage in her life. Also, take your pick among the unique event venues in Toronto so that you can set the stage for a grand celebration!

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