• Wedding Reception Venues: What Really Matters

    Posted on: 30 November, 2017 in: Blog

    Making the right choice for your wedding reception venue is definitely important, considering it’s the most important day of your life when every little detail counts. Therefore, as you piece the puzzles, ensure you scour your options for the best available places that perfectly match to your wildest preferences and fantasies to have a wholly memorable experience. The venue has to be spacious enough to accommodate your friends and loved ones to allow them to showcase their best moves, gobble down their favorite meals and satisfy their entertainment needs. Here are some great tips for choosing wedding reception venues in Toronto.

    Is Privacy Important?

    If you prefer an enclosed venue with your distinguished guests as opposed to an area open to strangers, opting for a private estate or golf lawn will give you the peace of mind you crave. However, on the flip side, if you’re a roaring extrovert with a high affinity to high-level stimulation, public zones such as beaches, park or a botanical garden will allow the world witness your awesome wedding party.

    Ample Parking Space

    While planning your wedding, ensure that the venue you select has ample parking space so you not only avoid falling afoul with the law but also save on the expenses of figuring out other viable transportation alternatives. For that reason, a venue beside a garage, good parking lot or large empty space where it’s legally allowed to park is hugely convenient. Although inadequate parking won’t really bring the wedding to a sudden halt, it will prevent tongue wagging and surplus expenses in the aftermath.

    Appropriate Acoustics

    Just as money spins the world, music spins wedding events. Therefore, to ensure good acoustics to spice up the wedding experience, you need to understand important things like wood or tile floors having an amplifying effect to sounds while a thick carpet on the higher-end with a muffling effect. You have to appropriately choose a venue going hand in hand with the kind of music that will play. For instance, a jazz combo will sound way better at an intimate art gallery than a 14-piece orchestra talk less of the fact that it takes less floor space.


    Lighting is highly critical in matters setting the mood ablaze for the wedding. Having a well-lit hall or with candles during the night is ideal while at daytime, opening window brightens up the hall and strikes in a spacious feel. Additionally, if you prefer enjoying outdoor dining, lighting up a few candles will do.

    Great Landscape

    One good thing about nature is that it has a lot of surprises when it comes to beautifying the environment. In that sense, being mindful of the view at the venue will go a great length spicing up the appearance of the area and refreshing the general ambiance of the wedding. Whether, it’s a view of rolling mountains, flowery gardens of crashing waves, extraordinary locations do a lot in the background to make your greatest day a success.

    Fortunately, if there’s no nice view, instead of fretting over the probable bad ending, give colorful and well thought out decors or architectural designs a try. Some artwork on the walls or period furniture on the corners may turn out to be better than the natural view.

    Ensure Complementary Color Palette

    If you have thematic colors for the wedding, you certainly have to keep a close eye on ensuring the available décor doesn’t at all clash with your choice of colors. The most critical things that should be in alignment with the thematic colors include carpets, chairs, and curtains to maintain the mood as was initially planned. For a classic wedding, an elegantly furnished room done in black and white will do. On the other hand, for a spring wedding brunch, floral motifs will perfectly blend in. With these foolproof tips on what really matters when it comes to choosing a wedding reception venue, you certainly can’t go wrong!

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