• What’s A Perfect Sweet 16 Venue?

    Posted on: 06 August, 2018 in: Blog

    While birthdays are meant to be celebrated every year and are intended to be very memorable for your child, there are certain points in your teenager’s life when birthdays are particularly special. Take for instance when your teen turns 16. A sweet 16 celebration is an important highlight of every teenage girl’s life. You might want to hold a big celebration and that will most likely require a lot of preparations. When you are figuring out the perfect venue for this celebration, you simply need to consider the following.

    A venue that’s spacious

    One word that describes a perfect sweet 16 venue is ‘spacious’. You may be expecting a lot of guests and the last thing you should do is settle for a venue that cannot fit the number of people you have invited to come. Always leave some room on your list and make sure that there is extra space in your chosen venue as well. The space should be good enough for guests to enjoy the food you are serving as well as the activities in store for them. You do not want them to leave early because they feel they cannot be accommodated at the venue.

    A venue to enjoy the celebration

    A spacious venue is a perfect venue but nothing beats looking for a place where everyone can dance the night away. Teenagers love celebrations like this because they get to show off their dancing skills as they enjoy the rest of the evening. A venue that has its own dance floor is ideal or if there is no dance floor then it will be good to have a spot specifically allocated for partying. Sometimes, you do not need a dance floor as long as the space can accommodate your dancing needs.

    A venue where you can serve good food

    Guests will always expect food in any party and the sweet 16 celebration is not exempted from that expectation. If you have hired someone to cater the event, you must see to it that the venue can accommodate the catering service as well. It will be good if the venue you are using can also take charge of serving the food, meaning, it has an in-house catering service. That way, you can be sure that dishes will be served hot and fresh. This will also lessen the need for you to contact another provider who will be in charge of what you will serve during the party. This means there will be less hassles along the way.

    A venue has all the amenities you need

    A sweet 16 party marks a teen’s transformation from teenage years into adulthood. Your teen will surely appreciate your effort of putting up the celebration for him or her. If you happen to ask your teen about the theme he or she wants for the celebration then you have to make sure that the venue can provide decors and amenities in accordance with the theme. It will be a plus if classy decors and amenities are also ready to be used for the venue’s setup.

    The perfect venue is a banquet hall

    The sweet 16 celebration is one of those moments that your kid will want to keep inside his or her ‘treasure box of memories’.  It will be easy to captivate those moments and make the dream a reality through a celebration made in one of the great banquet halls in Etobicoke. At Claireport Place Banquet Hall and Convention Center, it is easy to define what a perfect venue is for this celebration and all other momentous occasions in your life. Our halls are spacious enough to accommodate your requirements and we can help make the occasion truly memorable for everyone.

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